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Welcome to PHAT Cat Fit Life!

We love helping busy people get fit and healthy! Our 30-minute workouts (available virtually, live or recorded) are specifically designed to help you build lean muscle and burn fat. PHAT Cat Fit Life members not only get amazing workouts they can do anytime from anywhere, but also nutrition guidance, personal accountability coaching, yoga & mobility, and so much more. We are your whole body fitness & health solution!

UCF Grit & Grateful
Wellness Challenge

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Building long term health habits takes dedication and perseverance (or Grit) along with a positive mindset.  Studies show that a simple gratitude practice can actually change your attitude and physiology.  From Nov 1-Nov 23 we'll help you feel your best with some movement, nutrition tips and inspiration each day. Plus, by completing the steps each day you can compete with your colleagues for a fun prize.  Whether you already have a workout routine or you are just getting started, join your colleagues and the The PHAT Cat Fit Life team for some pre-thanksgiving fun. 

How it works:  

  1. Complete the actions in the app each day (should take 10-15 minutes)

  2. Make sure to check off your progress in the app

  3. Complete all of the steps by Nov 23 and be entered into the raffle

Check your email to get started!

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3 FREE Workouts

Jumpstart your fitness with three (3) FREE low-impact workout recordings. Get ready to feel stronger and more confident TODAY! 

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If you have tried diets and programs and have not gotten the results you want, we’d like to invite you to join our 21-Day Fitness Reset. This is a 21-day program to help you establish or refocus your daily activities to help support your health and fitness goals!


Program includes daily live & recorded at-home workouts, tasty recipes, daily accountability to keep you on track, and much more! 

IMPORTANT: You should select a Friday as your start date, so you can begin the program on a Monday. 

Any questions, email

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Try PHAT Cat Fit Life for just $87 for the rest of 2022! That's more than half off the regular rate!

For just $87 you'll enjoy:

  • Unlimited access to live and recorded workouts

  • Yoga and mobility workouts

  • Access to members only Facebook group

  • and more!

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A Fitness Formula for Life After 40! 

Science has proven as we get older (40+), our exercise focus should prioritize resistance training, complemented by cardio training. If you thought that long amounts of cardio on a treadmill, bike, elliptical, or rowing machine is what will have you lose weight and get in shape, think again! This program will start you on the path to a stronger, leaner YOU!

Use promo code: STRENGTH20 for an extra $20 savings!

PHAT Cat Fit Life Cardio Workout
PHAT Cat Fit Life Strength Workout
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Healthy Fall Recipes

Check out these healthy & delicious fall recipes! As an added bonus we've included meal prep tips and tricks to make healthy eating simple for busy people. 

Foundational Foods List

Strive for 80% of your calories to come from these foundational, whole foods to be on your way to a healthier you!

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Why clients love us!

Check out this video testimonial to hear how PHAT Cat Fit Life has helped Deb improve her fitness and overall wellness!


© 2022 by PHAT Cat Fit Life

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