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Our Workouts

PHAT Cat workouts are designed to be LOW IMPACT and HIGH INTENSITY, for a joint-friendly and heart-healthy daily exercise routine you can do anywhere. 


Our daily workouts are 30-45 minutes, so wave goodbye to the “no time” excuse! Each workout is YOUR workout, so movements can be modified (made easier) or progressed (made more challenging) to fit YOUR ability and desired results. 


We don’t judge, we COACH! After all, when you reach your goals, we reach ours!


IMPORTANT: Our workouts are for ALL levels, whether you are just starting your fitness journey, coming back from injury or hiatus, or have already created an active lifestyle!

Getting Started

You do NOT need a lot of fitness equipment to get started. Over time, you may wish to add to your workouts with weights, bands, sliders, etc. If you intend to build a home gym, our Coaches are available to help you plan it - just ask us!

For every workout, we do recommend you have the following:

  • A clear and safe space to move (8’x8’)

  • A bottle of water to stay hydrated

  • A sweat towel, because, well, you’re gonna sweat!

  • A yoga mat or cushioned floor (i.e. carpet)

  • Appropriate workout attire - especially shoes! (We can help you pick the right ones!)

Active Habits

We also recommend incorporating PHAT Cat Workouts into your DAILY routine. CONSISTENT actions are the key to reaching any goal. And being healthy starts with building healthy habits! You want clean teeth - brush them every day! You want to be fit? Then you need to be active every day! Here’s how we make it easy to fit your workout into your day:

  • 30-45 minute workouts (including warm-up and cool-down)

  • 3 weekly workouts focused on lean muscle development and maintenance

  • 3 weekly workouts focused on aerobic cardiovascular improvement

  • Daily Live sessions or view on recording at your convenience

  • Limited equipment, for easy set-up and clean-up!

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