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Fall Recipe Guide!

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Why PHAT Cat Fit Life for your fitness routine?

Here's 10 reasons why the PHAT Cat Fit Life virtual fitness community is perfect for YOU!

(How many more reasons do you need?!?)



No more struggling to figure out what to do for a workout! No more commuting to the gym! Just logon and workout from home, office, or wherever you have an internet connection. Our NASM-certified coaches have your daily workout ready for you. Most workouts are 30-40 minutes, including warm-up! So, you get optimal results in the least amount of time!



No two workouts are ever the same, so you are always challenged and you never get bored!



Full monthly memberships start as low as $20/week! We also have drop-in memberships, as well as discounted family memberships for qualifying household members. Click here for details



Daily Live sessions, plus 24/7 access to an online library of pre-recorded workouts to do at your own pace and comfort level.



The core of our business is fostering a Positive, Healthy, Active and Thankful community, inclusive of everyone! We workout Live together, and we stay in touch through our website, App and private Facebook group. At PHAT Cat Fit Life, you are safe because you are with friends!



Aside from working out in a clean, safe place of your choosing, our coaches focus on designing LOW IMPACT (but high intensity) workouts that are safe on your joints and easily modified to your fitness level! Workouts are presented from our homes to yours, so it’s like having a coach right alongside you in your home workout space.  



Our coaches are not celebrities (yet!😜), so you have an amazing personal support system! Both in-session and off hours, our coaches get to know you personally and are available to help you get optimal results! All memberships include a 1-hour personal coaching session on anything fitness-related that you choose!


FREE Stuff!

We offer a free week to try us out! Members also receive our 21-Day Healthy Habits Reset program at no extra cost to keep and use as often you like!



Thankfulness is one of our core values, so we pay you AND your friend you refer! (See website for details)



PHAT Cats are Confident, Proud and carry themselves with that certain swagger that let’s the world know - We Got This! Sounds like you, doesn’t it!

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