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PHAT Cat Fit Life

YOUR 24/7 Virtual Fitness Community

Running Gear


Positive Minds


Healthy Habits


Active Lifestyles


Thankful Hearts

The PHAT Cat Experience

Welcome to PHAT Cat Fit Life - YOUR virtual fitness community (a.k.a. The Pride)! As a Member of the Pride, you will be able to access Live and recorded workout sessions, consult with your Coaches, access fitness and nutrition tips, interact with other Pride members, manage your membership, and (soon!) purchase everything you need to live that PHAT Cat Fit Life!

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the word PHAT as:


- Highly Attractive or Gratifying 

- Excellent


We like to take that definition one step further. At PHAT Cat Fit Life, our mission is to build self-confidence and to spread that self-confidence to others! Being “fit” means something different to everyone. We want you to be happy and proud of who you are, with your own definition of being the best you can be!

How do we instill self-confidence, so we can inspire others? PHAT Cats know they are living their best lives and inspiring others by adopting our four core principles.

P - Positive Minds

H - Healthy Habits

A - Active Lifestyles

T - Thankful Hearts

Imagine a world full of Positive, Healthy, Active and Thankful people! That’s our vision, and we hope it’s yours too! So, let’s create it together! We invite you to explore our Pride community. Check out our workouts and ask us questions. We want this to be your fitness home - a place and a community you feel proud to call your Pride!

Let’s build a world of PHAT Cats together - today!

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